Tallsalt Advisors provides clients and Native American tribes with investment advisory, corporate financial advisory and royalty management services. Tallsalt’s professionals leverage their financial expertise to assist clients to maximize the profitability of their investments, businesses, financings and lease contracts. Tallsalt’s independent investment advice is based on independent research and is designed to optimize our client’s return on investment (ROI) while managing risk. Tallsalt provides its services through its licensed operating entity, Mette Associates LLC, a 100% Native American owned firm.

Tallsalt’s advisory team professionals enable senior management, boards of directors and policy makers of businesses and tribal government entities to make informed investment and strategic business decisions.

Tallsalt is committed to enhancing the financial capabilities of our Tribal clients to provide a greater degree of self-determination.

Tallsalt provides periodic commentary on the domestic and global economies and capital markets for our investment clients based on our independent in-house research.

Tallsalt Advisors is the market name for Mette Associates LLC and Tallsalt Advisors LLC.  Mette Associates LLC is a registered investment advisory firm.

P.O. Box 28334 Scottsdale, AZ 85255 | Ph: 480-433-9760