Client Education

Tallsalt is committed to building the investment and financial capabilities of Native American tribes.  As part of our investment consulting services, Tallsalt works closely with tribal leaders who are involved in the tribe’s investment activities.

Tallsalt provides education to its clients as part of its standard services. Typically, the training occurs with the client’s Investment Committee.  Key education modules we provide include:

  • Investment Policy Development
  • The Fiduciary Process for Investment Committee Members & Staff
  • Investment Portfolio Theory
  • Basics of Investment Industry, Services and Products
  • Periodic Market and Economic Updates

At the commencement of an engagement with a new client, we typically provide training on investment policy development and the fiduciary process.

Tallsalt’s staff possesses substantial experience in educating management teams, investment committees and boards of directors on a wide variety of investment topics and principles.  As a result, Tallsalt is well-suited to assist our tribal clients to enhance their understanding of the investment industry and investment management techniques.

It is Tallsalt’s goal to assist clients in becoming increasingly sophisticated users of investment advisory services.

Tallsalt can provide additional educational seminars on a range of investment and financial topics.