Investment Fund Manager Screening & Research

The successful implementation of an investment plan depends on the selection of appropriate investment funds and fund managers.

We screen thousands of investment fund managers to identify the funds that are best suited to our client’s needs and asset allocation.  Our process begins by screening external and proprietary databases for funds that meet our basic criteria.

These qualifying investment managers are subjected to a more intensive review and interview process in which we consider factors such as strength and stability of management, historical performance, disciplined investment style, investment approach and fees.

Tallsalt’s research is performed by our in-house team.  Our goal is to identify investment alternatives that will (i) minimize the total cost of the investment program and (ii) to optimize after-tax investment returns.

After conducting a thorough and documented due diligence process, we provide our clients with recommendations regarding investment funds and other specific investments.

This research and investment selection process ensures the client is in full control of a transparent investment process.

If a client wishes to select a new custodian or brokerage firm, Tallsalt may assist the client to conduct a fact finding, evaluation and selection process.