Economic and Market Research

Financial markets are dynamic and economic conditions shift on a constant basis.  This presents investors with an ever changing landscape of opportunity and risk.

Understanding these market and economic trends is a key aspect of monitoring fund performance and fine tuning the asset allocation of an investment portfolio.

Tallsalt recommendations are all based on our internal analysis of fundamental market and economic data.  While the popular media outlets tend to focus on the hot story, we base our conclusions on a broad set of information that captures the full economic picture and identifies the long-term trends our clients rely on for long-term investment decisions.

Tallsalt closely monitors macroeconomic trends and events through ongoing economic research in the global marketplace. This allows Tallsalt to anticipate changes in the global marketplace.  We keep our clients apprised of the factors that can affect investment performance.

Download a copy of our Market and Economic Commentary.

Tallsalt Market Commentary 2016-07-27 FINAL