Tallsalt Advisors Services

Managed Investment Accounts

Tallsalt Asset Management provides clients with investment advisory services, managing client portfolios held at unaffiliated brokerage firms and/or custodians. Tallsalt selects investments in stocks for clients consistent with its value approach to investing and executes trades under client investment agreements which grant Tallsalt authorization to make trades in the account. The investment agreement between Tallsalt and its clients provides Tallsalt with full discretion in selecting securities and the amounts to be invested.

This structure provides the client with total control over the assets and allows Tallsalt to tailor the portfolio to the needs of the client. Furthermore, under its investment agreements with clients, Tallsalt is not authorized to withdraw client funds with the exception of its fees when such fees become payable. The follow graphic illustrates the basic relationships of the managed investment account structure.


Since Tallsalt manages client funds in exchange for fees instead of commissions (as stock brokers are compensated), Tallsalt’s incentives are well-aligned with those of its clients.

Tallsalt’s asset management fees are based on (1) an annual management fee equal to a percentage of the assets managed and (2) an incentive fee based on a percentage of the portfolio’s performance during the year.

Client Services

Tallsalt’s principals are committed to providing a superior level of service to its clients. Our client service begins by developing an understanding our clients’ financial goals. We then work with each client, and in some cases their portfolio consultant, to build a mutual understand of how Tallsalt’s investment approach can assist them in achieving these goals.

As our relationship builds, Tallsalt’s principals are always available to answer any questions you may have. This is possible since Tallsalt’s principals are intimately familiar with the portfolios and investments of all our clients. During times of extreme flux in the market, we will proactively reach out to you to discuss the impact on your portfolio.


On a quarterly basis, Tallsalt provides a customized reporting package for all its clients. This package details the investments in the portfolio, investment returns and other relevant statistics and information to provide you with a clear picture of the investments Tallsalt is managing on your behalf. Each year, we meet with you to discuss the results for the past year and our plans for the upcoming year.

In addition to the formal reports, Tallalt issues monthly updates as well as reviews and analyses of selected companies in the portfolio.